Founded in 2006 in Adelaide, South Australia, DoctorZed Publishing is an independent publisher of print books, ebooks and audiobooks. Although the commodities we publish are physical and digital, our focus is on delivering Goodness, Truth and Beauty to our readers. You could say this is our purpose and mission.

With over 200+ titles from over 100+ international authors, our wide range of titles have one common aim – to deliver Goodness, Truth and Beauty. Our titles take the form of inspiring stories, triumph of good over evil and are heartfelt and purpose driven. They also embody messages with heart and soul, spiritual meaning, self-improvement, self-empowerment and good will.
Whether you are looking for audiobooks, print books, fiction ebooks, non-fiction ebooks, classic titles, young adult or children’s books, you can easily browse our online catalogue for titles we are sure you’ll love to read.

Did you Know?

DoctorZed Publishing offers traditional, partnership and self-publishing services. We are currently accepting submissions of manuscripts for consideration. Please note that we review all submissions on the basis of whether your manuscript will meet our aims of delivering Goodness, Truth and Beauty to our readers.

Whether you’re just beginning the writing journey or you’re already a successful author (or publisher) and want to get your title(s) distributed to online retailers in print or digital formats, then you can easily avail the publishing and distribution services of our expert team who will meet your needs and requirements in a cost effective and seamless way.

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