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DoctorZed Publishing catalogue Christmas 2013

Hello and greetings!

In the Christmas edition of DoctorZed Publishing eNews, we reveal our latest releases of the past month as well as our success stories over the whole of 2013.

We've also got a lot happening with many releases to look forward to in early 2014:

  • Releasing the Genie, the sequel to Slave of the Lamp by Paula Fogarty
  • A Secret London, the second in A Secret World series by Kristina Valensuela and Matt Grreen
  • Explaining Fractions: Addition and Subtraction by Vinko Mrjden
  • Evolution Unraveled: What Science Really Says by Randall Harris
  • Grace and the Wind by Kristina Dryza
  • Sacrifice by Barbara Harkness
  • A Mouthful of Petals by Allan and Wendy Scarfe
  • And lots more...

Plus, don't forget to enter to win FREE books in our latest competition.

Last but not least, for visually impaired and blind readers DoctorZed Publishing has a number of Large Print and Braille titles for you to enjoy. Find out more at:

Read How You Want

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas break.

The DoctorZed Publishing team :)


FREE Book Competition!

52 inspirational life-skills messages for teenagers and parents of teenagers.

Our Christmas competion is now running. Enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Enjoy Being Proud of Who You Are by Peter Nicholls.

As a teenager, you have unique talents, passions and potential. But finding your way through life is tough. The emotional and physical changes you are experiencing in your transformation from childhood to adulthood are perhaps the most dramatic, chaotic and stressful you will ever face. 

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Style to Impress

Style to Impress

Style To Impress and Create a Home with Heart and Personality is a step-by-step DIY workbook for home owners to successfully manage any interior design project.

Save time and money with a strategic approach to DIY renovating.

Get in style »

Desires Dreams and Thoughts In Between

Poet's Corner

Introducing our Poet's Corner. Yes, we're helping the struggling poets in this world by giving them a little nook to spread the word.

Our poet is a little lonely, though. If you are a poet, or know somebody who is, come and join us.

Keep dreaming »

FREE book competition

Mystery Woman

The much anticipated sequel to The Morozov Inheritance is now out.

Alice Martin is a suburban housewife who attends a party and is never seen again. Her husband, Professor Jack Martin, is the prime suspect in her disappearance, but Detective Sergeant Nic Rysakov isn't so sure.

Help find Alice»

Style to Impress

Paranormal Niagara

Peter Sacco, the host of the local TV series "Niagara's Most Haunted", brings you more spine-chilling tales from the grave.

Are his stories real? We'll let you decide.

Get spooked »

Desires Dreams and Thoughts In Between

Eleven Days

Can one woman's passion be shared between two men?

In the tradition of Graham Guy's most popular novels, Eleven Days is a sweeping saga of tender love that weaves its way through an explosive adventure.

Feel the romance »

Secret in the Clouds by Christopher Cummings

Secret in the Clouds

The next installment in The Army Cadets is out now.

Stephen Bell and his three friends of the ‘Hiking Team’ – Graham, Peter and Roger – are camped in the jungle at the foot of the Black Mountain when they hear what sounds like a light aircraft crash into the mountain.

Discover the secret »

Jolly Roger

2 for 1 ebook

Jolly Roger: Captain Blood PLUS The Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini

Enjoy the classics »


Slave of the Lamp

Not in his wildest dreams did 13 year-old Rufus Tyler imagine he'd be sent back in time to ancient history to help the heroes of mythology achieve their destinies.

Release the Genie »


Action & Adventure

Fifteen year-old Elizabeth has been handed a briefcase full of incriminating documents by her dying uncle, documents wanted by a gang of crooks.

Take the ride »

The Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

The 19th century suspense-filled terrifying tale of unrequited love, passion and tragedy.

Was the phantom real?

Read the classics »

A Corpse in Calcutta

A Corpse in Calcutta

When young Australian Phillip Cutle takes a photograph in Calcutta he intrudes into a vortex of murder and political intrigue, the potential to trigger a war.

Solve the mystery »

The Golden Chalice by Scott Zarcinas

The Golden Chalice

Fleeing the dreaded plague that has struck his village, the orphaned Giacomo heads to the mountains and its mysterious Golden City in search of the Elixir of Life, the only thing that can save the village and the woman he loves.

Discover the secret »

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