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News & Updates - Oct 2017 Edition

Hello and greetings.

We're sorry it's been such a while since we've been in contact, but things have been really busy here at DoctorZed Publishing. We're about to launch our new website in the next few weeks! So watch this space because we'd love to get your feedback on how it looks and functions.

And YES! we've been publishing some great books too, including Leonie McKeon's fabulous book on negotiating, Tame the Tiger, based on the 36 strategies of The Art of War. As well as Geoff Richmond's outstanding book on business leadership, The WOW Factor!

So please enjoy the story from DoctorZed Publishing and have a great read!

The DoctorZed Publishing Team :)

Just Released

Tame the Tiger: Negotiating from a position of power contains ancient Chinese negotiation secrets that are part of everyday Chinese business practices. Discover how you too can use this ancient wisdom so you can have More Control, More Success, More Wins!

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Book Launched!

We recently launched The Wow Factor by Geoff Richmond, business mentor, at East End Wines in Adelaide. As Geoff says, 'The best client is the one you already have!'

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Help Our Authors

Would you like to help our authors by reviewing their books? Do you have a GoodReads or Amazon account?

In exchange for your honest (and hopefully rave) review, we will send you a free ebook via the Amazon Kindle gift program.

We will release 20-30 free copies per title for review, so be quick! All you have to do is click here to tell us what genres you like. It's that easy!

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Join the the director of DoctorZed Publishing, Scott Zarcinas, on the On Writing Facebook community for tips on writing, editing, publishing and more...

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