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    Flatulent Tales: The Adventures of Gilbert the Farting Mouse
by R.O. Dent (aka Michael Davies)  
e ISBN: 9780980816433  
Publisher: The Mickie Dalton Foundation  

When Gilbert discovers the amazing power of his flatulence he embarks on a series of adventures.

He flies into orbit, travels to Tasmania, saves a house from burglars, rescues a trapped man in a building, defeats a plague of rats at the Coffs Harbour market, and saves the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, amongst others. Gilbert is truly a local hero in Coffs Harbour.

The Book is classically illustrated by Holly Cox and is designed with the input of a psychologist specialising in children’s creativity development.



R.O. Dent comes from a long line of literate and artistic rodents.  His mother, Maisie, was a famous poet, author of many renowned verses including the award-winning “Wallaby Poo Saga.” Gilbert’s father, Won Wing Lo was a famous bush-pilot and successful writer of scientific works. Read more...

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