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Slave of the Lamp

by Paula Fogarty  
ISBN: 9780987345271  
eISBN: 9780987345288  

"Enchanting and educational, this story has the lot!" ~ SAASSO School post

"Fogarty is on a winner with her use of fokloric themes... readers who want face paced adventures without the ususal darkness of modern fantasy will eat this story up at a sitting." ~ Reading Time magazine

Rufus Tyler is a thirteen year-old boy who wants a job during the school holidays to earn some extra cash, but not in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be sent to the realms of ancient China,  Greece and Persia to help the heroes of mythology achieve their destinies.

Rufus applies for a job with Heroes Inc, when an advertisement mysteriously appears on his way home from school. His application is successful, but his employer is no ordinary boss. He is a genie, Abu Hasan, who sends him back in time to assist the heroes of the past (on a fee-for-service basis, of course) who have struck a bit of a problem. But Rufus isn't so sure he's got what it takes to be a hero.


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Dr. Paula Fogarty has a deep passion for children's literature. Her youth was spent devouring huge volumes of ancient Greek, Arabic and Nordic mythology. As a Travel Doctor, Paula loves visiting new places and experiencing exotic cultures. Slave of the Lamp is her first work of fiction.

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