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Scaramouche PLUS Bardelys the Magnificent

by Rafael Sabatini  
e ISBN: 9780987467669  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  
Imprint: DoctorZed ClassicsPlus  

Scaramouche PLUS Bardelys the Magnificent by Rafael Sabatini
For the first time, these two great classics are together for the price of 1!

Rafael Sabatini was a prolific Italian writer who wrote his novels of romance and high adventure in English. Several of these very successful novels were made into notable films.

Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution

Set during the French Revolution, this classic novel of swashbuckling adventure and sweeping romance is also a thought-provoking commentary on class, inequality, and the individual's role in society. Scaramouche, the unforgettable clown, is a comic figure with a very serious message. Scaramouche is a story that has become Rafael Sabatini's enduring legacy.

In the words of one reader: “Scaramouche is a tale of revenge, an astonishing tour de force — every single page seethes with incident, color, and detail.”

Bardelys the Magnificent

An absorbing story of love and adventure in France of the early seventeenth century. Bardelys the Magnificent is the tale of Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol; Marquis of Bardelys, and those things which befell him in Languedoc, in the year of the Rebellion. One of the most stirring tales Sabatini ever wrote.




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