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Eleven Days
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Eleven Days

by Graham Guy  
ISBN: 9780987544551  
eISBN: 9780987544568 LARGE Print Books by DoctorZed Publishing
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

Can one woman's passion be shared between two men?

In the early 1990s Katie McFarlane is a nurse living in suburban Adelaide. For Katie, life is as normal as it gets, but a chance meeting with Paul Redman sends her life into an uncontrollable tailspin. Katie is swept into the fast lane of wealth, happiness and uninhibited emotion. As each glorious day passes, wealthy Paul Redman becomes increasingly determined to weave their futures together as one.

However, tragedy strikes and Katie flees her familiar life in grief and confusion. A near fatal accident sends her on a collision course with Gabe Caplin, a kind, reclusive giant of a man from a suppressed and violent childhood. All he knows is the simple uncomplicated existence of running a farm, but he knows what he wants: he wants desperately to love and to be loved. And he desperately wants Katie McFarlane.

Katie is torn between her love for Paul Redman and her increasing desire for Gabe Caplin. Her world and life is threatened in a final confrontation when vengeful psychopath Scarfe Olsen comes calling - and shooting.

In the tradition of Graham Guy's most popular novels, Eleven Days is a sweeping saga of tender love that weaves its way through an explosive adventure.

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Graham Guy is an Award-Winning Journalist who has worked in radio and television in both Australia and the United States of America.

His background is very diversified having worked in shearing sheds, factories, driven trucks, and seen service in the Royal Australian Navy.
He is also a lyricist with many of his songs being set to music and recorded by various artists. For many years he wrote and produced many radio and television commercials and ran his own all-night talk show on commercial radio.

Graham has written several novels. Eleven Days was his first. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia.



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