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The Icy Barber

by Glennis Leith  
ISBN: 9780957934139  
e ISBN: 9780957934122  
Publisher: Wakelin Partners  

"An unforgettable tale of a time long passed." M. Forward

"I felt I knew Inga personally and imagined myself in her shoes. A spine chilling experience." J. Parfrey

"I couldn't put it down. You will keep reading right to the end." A. Matthews

In 1845 newly-wed Inga Jamieson is grieving after her whaling husband, Thorold, lost in the Arctic more than a year earlier. When a lone survivor is found, emaciated and ravaged by his experiences, Inga fears it may be her husband.

For months Inga has struggled to cope with widowhood. Now, she may be faced with Thorold's return from the dead. Her excitement gives way to fears as she confronts the future, filled with doubt and despair.

Does Inga have the resources to cope with the burdens placed on her young shoulders? Does she have the personal fortitude to deal with the superstition and drama that unfolds around her?






Glennis Leith has pursued an interest in writing from an early age. She is a prize-winning author who has had articles, short stories and a family history published as well as a novel for middle readers. She reads widely, but prefers to read murder mysteries, which means most of her stories have a dark side. You may contact her through her website at




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