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The Many Worlds of Mickie Dalton

by Michael Davies  
e ISBN: 9780980769661  
Publisher: The Mickie Dalton Foundation  

When twelve-year old Mickie Dalton meets a young couple in a park, he learns they have come from a distant planet to seek him out. Mickie is not a human being. Nobody knows what he is, where he came from, how he came to be on Earth, or what has happened to the rest of his species.

Mickie accepts their invitation to travel to distant galaxies and uncovers the truth about his ancestry: he is the last of the most powerful species the Universe has ever known.

But he is not alone. An ancient Enemy has also tracked him down and Mickie must draw on all his emerging powers to survive. He must seek out the only ones that can help him – his own kind - wherever in the universe they are.



Michael Davies is a retired IT executive with a writing career spanning two decades. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the founder of the Mickie Dalton Foundation, a literary funding organization for writers. Since 2002, he has lived in New South Wales.

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