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The Slave

by Pauline Montagna  
e ISBN: 9780980412116  
Publisher: Mountain Lily Press  

"The storyline rolls along easily, pulling readers with it, and between the action and romance scenes, depiction of daily life, rich characterisations, and clear descriptions, the book is difficult to put down." ~ Australian Reader"

"The Slave is enjoyable, especially for readers who appreciate tales of forbidden love or..."sweet and savage" romances." ~ Historical Novels Online

Aurelia Rubbini, the only child of a rich merchant in 14th Century Italy, is a dutiful daughter, wife and mother, but she longs for something more than the restricted life intended for her.

Then one day, her father returns home with an Asian slave boy, Batu, and Aurelia’s destiny is changed forever.

Aurelia and Batu are inexorably drawn to each other, but their forbidden relationship is doomed.

Aurelia is forced to marry Lorenzo de Graziano, a nobleman with a dangerous reputation, but Batu’s presence arouses violent passions that Aurelia, in her innocence, can never understand.

"Pauline Montagna's narrative artfully takes us back to fourteenth century Italy and provides us with a gripping period romance with a twist. A thoroughly... enjoyable read." ~ Cathy Baillie

This historical novel first brought me gently to fourteenth century Italy; then drew me in; then kept me there." ~ Linda Clark



Pauline Montagna was born into an Italian family in Melbourne. She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts as well as Graduate Diplomas in Language Studies and Education. She also has a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. She is the author of The Slave, an historical novel, and Suburban Terrors, a short story collection.

Pauline is the founding director of First Edition Book Sales, which specializes in independent Australian books. Read more at


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