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The Spartak Trigger

by Ryk Bonus  
ISBN: 978-0-9874676-2-1   
e ISBN: 978-0-9874676-3-8   
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

“The past and future collide with cataclysmic force in The Spartak Trigger reinventing the classic spy novel for the social media age – a unique literary thriller blending suspense, noir, satire, action, surrealism, speculative, and meta-fiction to create a wholly compelling and original reading experience.” ~ Scott Zarcinas, author of Thanksgiving Day 


In response to the 1957 launch of the Sputnik satellite, the US Department of Defense rushed to develop an ultra-sophisticated nationwide communications network, laying the foundation for the modern internet. They had no idea that an undercover KGB agent (codename: Spartak) secretly embedded a self-destruct sequence designed to cripple the entire platform in the immediate advance of a Soviet attack.

Fifty years later, the Spartak Trigger has resurfaced in the hands of Eastern Europe’s most dangerous neo-Bolshevik organizations, ‘Black October’. But the two biggest multimedia corporations in the world – MetroTech and Tetrace – have designs on obtaining the Spartak Trigger for their own malevolent purposes.

Unwittingly caught up in the middle of this high-stakes race for control of the internet is Shane Bishop – ex cop, small-time conman, degenerate grafter, negligent father, and reluctantly the only person capable of stopping Black October and saving the world.


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Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Richard Bownes (aka Ryk Bonus) graduated from ASU in 2001 with a degree in marketing. After working at an advertising agency, he worked as a freelance social media consultant in 2008. He is a lifelong fan of suspense-thrillers and transgressive fiction. The Spartak Trigger is his debut novel.



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