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Refuge Cross: Bear Coast

by Sven Grams  
e ISBN: 9780987345219  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

After their adventures against the Exiles, Sara and Trex find themselves back in their separate daily routines for better or worse. But life does not stand still... Sara is handed an unprecedented opportunity by Sage Filfia, while Trex finishes his exams and enters his first year of national service. Trex’s family must also face growing difficulty as his halfling cousin Zea gets more unfavorable attention from the more conservative elements of the Anthro Lion Empire. 

But a hastily organized mercy mission to the dangerous lands of the Bear Clans will see the two youngsters paths cross again. This one mission will not only have a deep impact on those involved, but set into motion a train of events that will impact on them and their societies forever.

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Having traveled extensively throughout the world, Sven Grams' intrigue and fascination on the development and variety of the human condition has never diminished, in particular the influence of environment on personality and the influence of emotional intelligence on shaping our common humanity.

Refuge Cross combines his passion for storytelling, history, social development and emotional intelligence through the creation of a fantastical world where contrasting groups of characters play out their individuality in a time filled with intrigue and adventure.

"The challenge of writing an engaging, well-paced adventure story has proven to be rewarding and enjoyable experience. I only hope that even if the reader receives only a fraction of the joy that I did while writing it, they will have found the book to be a worthwhile experience. And I hope that they will be just as eager as I am to find out how the story continues for its colorful cast of detailed characters." – Sven Grams, author.



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