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The Cadet Under-Officer: The Army Cadets

by C.R. Cummings  
ISBN: 9780987597557  
e ISBN: 9780987164537  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  
RRP $18.95 (pbk) $5.99 (ebk)  

Fifteen year-old Elizabeth has been handed a briefcase full of incriminating documents by her dying uncle, documents wanted by a gang of crooks.  In desperation she flees into the bush, where she encounters seventeen year-old Cadet Under-Officer Graham Kirk and his platoon of army cadets. Graham decides to hide Elizabeth until he can contact the authorities. But how? And who can he trust?

As the days go by the crooks become ever more desperate.  Graham’s leadership and character are put to the test in the most challenging adventure of his young life.

Set in the savannah country of inland North Queensland, this fast-paced action-adventure story will keep you guessing right until the very end. Read on and join with the cadets on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Christopher Cummings is a Vietnam veteran, teacher, parent, traveller, Officer of Cadets, and author of 35 books. Bushwalking, history and travel have added depth to his experiences. He grew up in Cairns and Cape York Peninsula, experiencing many adventures in the North Queensland bush and at sea in his father's ships, adventures he has woven into his books.

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