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The Cadet Sergeant Major: The Army Cadets

by C.R. Cummings  
e ISBN: 9780987123954  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

Fraternisation - improper relationships - was strictly forbidden by the Cadet Policy Manual. As the Company Sergeant Major one of Graham Kirk's main duties was discipline and while he knew that the real supervision was the responsibility of the adult Officers of Cadets he also had a key role to play.

The problem was, could he trust them? Follow the story of an army cadet camp and how Graham and his friends cope with the unexpected problems that beset them.

For cadets and ex-cadets the detail will inform and provide nostalgic flashbacks. Because this is a story about teenagers, and particularly teenage relationships, there are some sexual references and coarse language. This book is written for young adults and is not suitable for Primary School children



Christopher Cummings is a Vietnam veteran, teacher, parent, traveller, Officer of Cadets, and author of 35 books. Bushwalking, history and travel have added depth to his experiences. He grew up in Cairns and Cape York Peninsula, experiencing many adventures in the North Queensland bush and at sea in his father's ships, adventures he has woven into his books.

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