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Secret in the Clouds: The Army Cadets series

by C.R. Cummings  
e ISBN: 9780987345240  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

8 p.m. Saturday night
February, the ‘Wet Season’ in tropical North Queensland

Stephen Bell and his three friends of the ‘Hiking Team’ – Graham, Peter and Roger – are camped in the jungle at the foot of the Black Mountain when they hear what sounds like a light aircraft crash into the mountain.

Stephen is impelled to investigate but what he finds in the cloud and thick rainforest near the top of the mountain impels him to discover what really happened and who was involved. But his attempts to uncover the past reveal secrets that some powerful and dangerous people are determined to keep concealed. At all costs.

Stephen’s and his friends are lead into deadly peril as they find shocking discoveries that test their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical limits.

“An adventure story for both teenagers and adults that touches on a little known aspect of Australia’s history.”



Christopher Cummings is a Vietnam veteran, teacher, parent, traveller, Officer of Cadets, and author of 35 books. Bushwalking, history and travel have added depth to his experiences. He grew up in Cairns and Cape York Peninsula, experiencing many adventures in the North Queensland bush and at sea in his father's ships, adventures he has woven into his books.

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