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Ma Folie Française (My French Folly)

by Marisa Raoul  
ISBN: 9780980461626  
e ISBN: 9780987345295  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

"Ma Folie Francaise is a romantic travel memoir that recounts Marisa and Jean’s steps through the set up of their successful B&B business and as they tend to their many colourful patrons. It is a fun tale about overcoming adversity and enjoying life – by taking risks and beating the odds.” - Extract from a feature article by Jill Farrar, French Provincial Magazine, April 2009

"Marisa Raoul has written a vivacious contemporary tale of life love and dreaming. It is a sheer joy to read." - David Rankin.

"Written in a way that ensures you are on the adventure with her, this book will touch your heart and make you dust off your suitcase." **** Highly Recommended - Michele Perry, Good Reading Magazine.


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Marisa Raoul has travelled with her European parents, worked as a flight attendant for an international airline and moved house more than once. She isn't one to be perturbed by new challenges or foreign destinations. However, when she falls in love with a Frenchman, Jean, and they decide to take up residence in a quiet, south-western corner of France, life turns out to be an exciting adventure – so bizarre and such a 'folie'.

In her delightful memoir she takes us to the heart of her 'medieval' B&B, with incidents full of Gaelic humour and eccentricity. A quiet 'tree-change' turns outs to be a hilarious, surprising and romantic romp, which lasts a decade.

Ma Folie Française is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to fall in love with a foreign country. Charming, passionate, and inspired it will make you want to follow your dreams, pack up your life, and shift to France.

"Marisa Raoul has written a vivacious contemporary tale of life love and dreaming. It is a sheer joy to read." - David Rankin.


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Marisa Raoul was born in Sydney to an Italian father and English mother. Her mixed heritage led to her intense passion for travel, foreign languages and diverse cultures. She spent her sixteenth year living in Rome and travelling throughout Europe with her parents.

Most of her early professional life was spent working in the Sales department of Qantas Airways, then onto Cabin Crew where she met her husband. She has travelled to 25 countries.

Marisa left Australia in 1991 to reside in France for a ten-year period where she ran a successful Bed and Breakfast and worked as an Interpreter and English teacher for the 'Limoges Chamber of Commerce and Industry'.

On her return to Australia, she became involved in the field of Indigenous Arts. She moved to Alice Springs where she worked within that field and on her return to the east coast, continued to promote this art as a freelance consultant.

She now writes full time from her home in Tasmania. She specialises in the fields of children's novels and non-fictional adult works. She also enjoys writing freelance articles for various magazines and community newspapers.



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