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    How To Make Wild Passionate Love To Your Man
by Jacqueline George  
e ISBN: 9780980548419  
Publisher: Q~Press  


This ebook contains graphic sexual references suitable only for readers over 18-years of age.


"I am a male of 39 years and a husband of 13 years. I have shared this book with many of my male friends and we ALL agree that this author should be writing more books on this subject for women and men. This is not a book on true love. Just read the title. My wife has read this book and I am benefiting nicely from it. There are many men like me that have taken considerable time to learn about women and their relationship needs. This is a great book to start women on there journey of learning about men's needs. No, I am not an animal. But yes, I am a man. This author has a keen sense of what a man wants when it comes to sex. Bravo." ~ Letha A. Lowalsky


There are heaps and heaps of books instructing men how to love their women, but very few that go the other way (excuse the pun!).

It seems that making love to a woman is difficult and needs to be learned, while making love to a man is easy and every woman instinctively knows how to do it.

If you think about it, that is very unlikely to be true.  You can only love men well if you understand them, and you have to admit that most women don't.

Here is a light-hearted quest to find what a woman can do to give her man the very best of the best in bed (or on the sofa, or in the phone booth on the way home - wherever!)

Every woman makes love to her man with her heart, but just where do you learn how to do it with your mind and body too?  Here is a chance to peep into the sexy world between your man's ears, and lots of practical advice on what to do to drive him wild. 

Now you can be the most skilful lover he has ever experienced...


"This is a wonderful book for women who want to know how to please their men. Lots of good advice and technique included in this pages. If you're always wondered what makes our men happy in bed, this is a must read!" ~ Keta Diablo


Jacqueline George lives in the far north of Queensland, Australia, on the shores of the Coral Sea. She writes about the things she loves - travel, landscapes, good food. And of course romantic, erotic sex, which also has to be exotic, overwhelming and – above all – believable.


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