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The Animal Code: Giving Animals Rights & Respect

by Danny Crossman  
e ISBN: 978-0-9875445-1-3  
Publisher: Arcadia  

How should we treat animals? And how do we? The Animal Code answers these questions, illustrating the myriad ways in which people exploit animals. Danny Crossman makes a compelling case for us to recognise animals’ needs, feelings and legitimate place on the planet to live their lives as they wish. 

In a breakthrough concept, The Animal Code sets out a clear, five-point guide for how each of us can treat animals with respect and rights – and help our environment at the same time.

“The Animal Code is brilliant. A must read for all. The code … will be a dream for many. I look forward to the day it becomes a reality.” Ruth Hatten, Legal Counsel at Voiceless, The Animal Protection Institute, Sydney

“The Animal Code is well written, clearly heartfelt, and makes many points that the WSPA feels are vitally important about animal suffering and protection.” Michael C. Appleby, Chief Scientific Adviser, World Society for the Protection of Animals, London

“The Animal Code is an astonishingly helpful resource and offers convincing arguments for changing our lifestyle now.” Jill Robinson MBE, Founder & CEO, Animals Asia

“Danny Crossman provides a detailed account of the ways in which humans have exploited animals throughout history and continue to do so on a massive scale. A sound contribution to the animal welfare debate.” Animals Australia.

Danny Crossman has been actively involved for many years with several animal protection organisations such as the World Society for Protection of Animals, Animals Australia and Animals Asia, and has connections with key people within these. He has worked towards ending exploitation of animals worldwide, has a broad knowledge of animal treatment issues and has developed a coherent theory of why animals have rights.

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