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Top Tips For Public Speaking

by Patricial Ryan  
e ISBN: 9780987123978  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

An Invitation to speak in front of an audience need not induce terror in you.

You can learn to do this very simply. Just knowing a few basic steps will improve your output and give you the confidence to present yourself.

For those already accomplished at public speaking, these Top Tips will also help 'jog the memory.'

And more... There is also a chapter covering Special Occasion Speeches, such as:

* After-dinner

* Master of Ceremonies

* Vote of thanks

* Commemorative Speeches

* Social Events, including weddings and funerals.



Patricia Ryan has worked as an International Presenter, Public Speaker, Educator and Trainer. She has extensive knowledge and background in all aspects of communication skills. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, has a Diploma of Business Management, Certificate IV in Assessment and Training, and various other certificates in interpersonal skills.

Patricia has also trained Miss Australia and Miss World candidates in speaking and presentation skills, as well as professional athletes, politicians, police recruits and defence force recruits. Read more...

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