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Yenni: In the Rhythm of Everyday

by Eugenia Jenny Williams  
e ISBN: 9780987169563  
Publisher: Q~Press  
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A manual for everyday living and how to run an efficient, nutritious and affordable kitchen.

YENNI IN THE RHYTHM OF EVERYDAY- is a manual and a recipe book for everyday, peppered with personal experiences to create mental pictures.

Its aim is to suggest and give ideas. Jenny believes that one doesn't need many recipes, only variations to the basic recipes. The focus is on food which is economical, nutritious, hearty and multi-purpose.

Many recipes in the book start with a basic recipe, building up on its complexity by including variations that are suitable. Jenny thinks that a cookbook, which mirrors the rhythm of the household, its social and domestic events is easier to navigate in.

She's also created a contents page in each chapeter that contains recipes and ideas that are suitable for any occasion.

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Since in Australia Yenni was always involved with food one way or another: As a laboratory analyst at the only milk factory in Tasmania for 10 years and then as a proprietor of Jenny's Coffee House for the next 10 years. Following that she had two more businesses, one being a restaurant.

Born in Kosice, Slovak Republic, Jenny and her family illegally escaped Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968. After living in Vienna they arrived in Tasmania in June 1969 where her new life began...

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