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What If God Were My Analyst?

by Steve Tsousis  
e ISBN: 9780987164599  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

Set against the current background of global climate disorder and breakdown, What if God were my Analyst? is a non fiction stream of consciousness where the Author as “client” enters into a therapeutic conversation of analysis with God.

The book covers some of the World’s most pressing issues through exploring some deep truths, taking the reader on a journey into Self and drawing upon myth, metaphysics, history, religion, psychology, politics, economics and ecology. 

What if God were my Analyst? is a confronting work. At times dark, sarcastic and black humoured while always challenging the rigid Fundamentalist’s point of view.

The hope offered in this writing calls for a timely coming together of people of goodwill throughout the World. Those who no longer want to be ruled by the corrupt who rob us of our true democratic freedoms, rights, values and spiritualities.

What if God were my Analyst? is a polemic for all who have had enough and demand real responses during our time when the need for authentic and just change is roaring loudly from the four corners of the Earth - our common home.



STEPHEN L. TSOUSIS was born in 1955. He has had a varied career as a high school teacher, youth worker, tutor, photographer, natural therapist, army officer and lecturer in psychotherapy. He is currently a practising counsellor and psychotherapist while also working as a part-time carer in mental health.

He is a professional member of the Australian Counselling Association and secretary of the Hunter Region’s local ACA chapter. He has spent almost thirty years studying, writing and applying psychologies, philosophies, comparative religions and metaphysics to help him make sense of his life.

His primary adage is to Know Thyself, believing that the last frontier and the least well known is the inner world of a greater consciousness. What if God were my Analyst? is his first published book and he hopes to write at least two more.

He is married and currently living in Sydney.


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