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Daring To Be Yourself

byPeter Shepherd  
e ISBN: 9780980623772  
Publisher: Trans4mind  


Based on principles which have helped thousands of people.

Find Out Who You Really Are!

You can create a new life. A life revised in small but crucial ways—or perhaps you will totally change the way things have been up to now. You choose, of course.

But first you need to know just who you really are and to shed the conditioning imposed on you by decades of conforming to other people's expectations and other people's interpretations.

This book—a blueprint to the life you really desire—has been developed by Peter Shepherd, author of Transforming the Mind.

A step by step approach is followed throughout to help you uncover and remove the barriers to self-knowledge and freedom of expression and action.

Effective techniques enable you to draw up a map for yourself through which:

1. You get to know yourself—and your various ways of being—much better.
2. You realize what decisions and choices you have made and acted upon, which have created the effects—positive or negative—that you are currently experiencing.
3. You learn how to go about redirecting your life along a path which is more in accordance with what you are hoping to achieve.

Daring to be Yourself gives you the tools to really turn your life around. You will learn important new skills, enabling you to look at the world with a more aware and open mind—left brain and right brain working in harmony—no longer suppressing your needs, wants and feelings. And so begin a new life of enhanced achievement and happiness.



Peter Shepherd has earnestly travelled the path of personal growth all his life. As a child he studied Buddhism and found there a validation of each individual as a spark of the universal consciousness. There were meditative methods to help the person attain a higher level of that consciousness for themselves. However, he decided to both stay clear of organized religions and also to look for better ways of expanding consciousness that do not take lifetimes to achieve their goal. Read more..


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