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Eliminate Your Fear: The Way To Emotional Freedom At Last

by Alwyn Beikoff  
e ISBN: 9780987123985  
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Stress, anxiety and fear have the same cause as all other negative emotions... they are often learned responses.

As they are a disruption in the body's energy system, getting past our fear-emotions is actually less frightening and damaging to our health than living with them.

The techniques outlined in Eliminate Your Fear will help pave the way to emotional freedom from stress, anxiety and fear in all its forms.

"We are born with only three types of fear - abandonment, loud noises and falling. Therefore, all other fears are learned. This book is a great tool for anyone wishing to unlearn their learned fears..." Dr Scott Zarcinas, Founder "Unlocking Your Life seminars" and author of Your Natural State of Being.


Alwyn Beikoff is the founder of BodyMindUnlimited. Visit his blog to read more of his life works.



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