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Enjoy Being You

Enjoy Being You

by Peter Nicholls  
e ISBN: 9780987062024  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  


Something that you do just for the pleasure it brings you is an experience unique to you.

It is a product of all that is in you, including parts that you may not yet have discovered.

Through these pages you will begin a new journey that:

*Encourages you to search for your identity

*Dares you to turn your dreams into reality

*Entices you to unwrap the gifts of your hidden passions for the world to enjoy

*Inspires you to express yourself in your chosen way

*Strengthens you in the knowledge that you are a person of worth

Internationally-acclaimed as the book that brings out the real you - the person you love to be, the authentic self whom the world has been waiting to appreciate as a person of worth.

"Thank you for putting in words how I feel and the solution to my fears. I loved it and I will recommend it to everyone I know, even my boss!" ~ Pam K

"An excellent reminder on how easy it really is to put fun back into life... thanks for helping me 'enjoying being me'." ~ J. Hanlon


As Australia’s “People Gardener”, Peter Nicholls is renowned for nurturing his clients’ growth and cultivating their potential. He has 40 years experience of professionally observing and helping people when they are at their positive best and passionately enjoying their favourite leisure/recreation interest. Find out more at www.australiaspeoplesgardener.com

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