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Paranormal Niagara:Cases of the Mysterious and the Macabre

by Peter Sacco PhD  
e ISBN: 9780987467621  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

Peter Sacco, the host of the local TV series "Niagara's Most Haunted", brings you more spine-chilling tales from the grave. His real life stories focus on several unique, bizarre cases that have haunted the Niagara Region for many decades, stories shrouded in secrecy where the locals would prefer you didn't talk about it. 

Peter Sacco introduces you to previously unknown cases of: 
* The Poltergeist Possession 
* An Evil Haunted House 
* Haunted Trees and Forests 
* A Haunted Theatre 
* And many more... 

Do ghosts exist? You decide...


FREE eBook: "Return To Grace" by Peter A Sacco



Dr. Peter Sacco has been working with individuals in private practice and support groups for over a decade. He specializes in anger-management classes, workshops/seminars, individual coaching and counseling.

Peter also produces television shows and is the host of Mental Health Matters and Niagara's Most Haunted.



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