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Tools For Transformation

by Rita Milios  
e ISBN: 9781864762563  
Publisher: Trans4mind  

Tools for Transformation gives you the "rules and tools" you need to change your life for good.

* Learn the rules of the subconscious realm.
* Explore mind tools, such as affirmations. visualizations, meditation, intuition and dreams.
* Learn, step-by-step how to use these tools to help you transform your life.

"A comprehensive guide to shaping the mind....creative, down-to-earth guidance... marvelously enjoyable." ~ Napra Review

"I found this very helpful...will expand your personal power and transform your life." ~ Enlightenments

"Truly a tool for transformation...excellent...I recommend it highly." ~ New Age Retailer

Rita Milios is a nationally recognized author and workshop leader as well as a psychotherapist, healer, and Spiritual Coach. Her books and audio tapes include topics of self-esteem, creativity and psychic and spiritual development, such as Tools for Transformation, Dream Journal, and Daily Meditations with Positive Affirmations.

Rita spent almost twenty years as a medical professional before turning to mental health. She combines this knowledge with her knowledge of the spiritual Path to produce tools for help and healing for people who are experiencing a crisis of self-transformation - whether that crisis is manifesting as a physical problem, an emotional upheaval, or a spiritual awakening crisis.

Rita received a Bachelor's Degree from Lourdes College and a Master's degree (MSW) from Ohio State University. She is creator and trainer for the Master Healer technique, which works with the higher healing vibrations. Rita teaches workshops and classes locally and across the country, and provides individual healing and spiritual coaching services.

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