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Wallace Wattles Omnibus

by Wallace Wattles  
e ISBN: 9780980659573  
Publisher: Trans4mind  

Wallace Wattles Omnibus - The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, & The Science of Being Well


Wallace Wattle's most popular book, The Science of Getting Rich, which has changed countless lives since it was first published in 1910, is the foundation work of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

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With these three life-changing works, Wallace Wattles clearly explains the simple truths behind all things, which are now being confirmed by modern science.

If you work with the sound principles outlined in this book the implications for your life are simply incredible!

His daughter Florence noted of Wallace Wattles in his last years, "He wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of his vision. He lived every page... His life was truly the powerful life."



Wallace Delois Wattles (1860 - 1911) was an American author. A pioneer success writer, he remains personally somewhat obscure, but his writing has been widely popular in the New Thought and self-help movements.
Wattles' best known work is a 1910 book called The Science of Getting Rich in which he explained how to become wealthy. He claimed to have personally "tested" the principles he described and they apparently worked, for although he had lived most of his life in poverty, in his later years he was a prosperous man.



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