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      Malta - The Mythical Island  
by Travelling Wizards  
e ISBN: 9781460921012  
Publisher: Travelling Wizards  


COME AND ENJOY MALTA, THE MYTHICAL ISLAND! Get to know her beauty, her charm, her history, and of course her secrets. Malta is truly a European jewel.

Under Roman rule the islands prospered and were distinguished as a Municipium and a Foederata Civitas. Many Roman antiquities still exist, testifying to the close link between the Maltese inhabitants and the people of Rome.

In AD 60 the New Testament records that Saint Paul was shipwrecked on an island named Melite, which many Bible scholars conflate with Malta; there is a tradition that the shipwreck took place on the shores of the aptly-named "Saint Paul's Bay".

The Kingdom of Sicily ruled the Maltese islands between 1194 and 1530 and a process of full latinization started in Malta. In the early 16th century the Ottoman Empire started spreading over the region, reaching South-East Europe. The Spanish king Charles V feared that if Rome fell to the Turks, it would be the end of Christian Europe. In 1522 Suleiman II drove the Knight Hospitallers of St. John out of Rhodes. They dispersed to their commanderies in Europe. Wanting to protect Rome from invasion from the South, in 1530 Charles V handed over the island to these Knights.

For the next 275 years these famous "Knights of Malta" made the island their domain and made the Italian language official. They built towns, palaces, churches, gardens, and fortifications and embellished the island with numerous works of art and enhanced cultural heritage. The order of the Knights of St. John was originally established to set up outposts along the route to the Holy Land to assist pilgrims going in either direction.

Owing to the many confrontations that took place, one of their main tasks was to provide medical assistance and even today the eight-pointed cross is still in wide use in ambulances and first aid organizations. In return for the many lives they saved, the Order received many newly conquered territories that had to be defended.



For many people travel is a way of life. Many things make traveling attractive: the thrill of experiencing a new place, learning about a different culture, tasting international cuisine, creating unforgettable memories, strengthening language skills and building international friendships. Travel experiences can create more trusting, open-minded, confident and tolerant individuals.

Travelling Wizards have had exciting travel experiences all over the Globe. They want to share it with open-minded and studious people, showing World's beauty. Enjoy Travelling Wizards' books.


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