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Ananda (*Thanksgiving Day)

by Scott Zarcinas

ISBN: 9780994305404

eISBN: 9780994305411

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Genre: fiction/thriller/medical

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What will you sacrifice this Thanksgiving Day?

In the years approaching the New Millennium, Michael Joseph and his wife, Angie, seek the services of fertility doctor to help conceive the child they have always yearned.

One climactic Thanksgiving Day their newborn child, Ananda, is kidnapped, heralding the anxious search for her safe return.

Michael is propelled on a frantic quest to save his baby’s life and along the way must decide between what he believes to be the truth and what he refuses to admit about himself.

His decision leads to the perilous battle for control of his daughter’s soul and the destiny of mankind and the whole world.

*First published 2006 as Thanksgiving Day (ebook).


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Scott Zarcinas was born in South Australia and studied as a paediatrician before embarking on his Life Purpose as a writer. He lives in Adelaide with his wife and daughters.

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