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Grace and the Wind


Grace and the Wind

by Kristine Dryza

ISBN: 9780992447335

eISBN: 9780992447342

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Genre: fiction/mind, body, spirit/nature

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Grace and the Wind

Grace thinks everything about her life is wrong. When the Wind makes a dramatic entry into her life, it forces Grace to question her sense of reality. Despite her initial reluctance, Grace and the Wind gradually develop an intense relationship through a series of extraordinary conversations.

The Wind teaches Grace to perceive life through the wisdom conveyed in nature's rhythms–circadian cycles, tidal and lunar sequences and the movements of the seasons–so that nature's intelligence becomes her intelligence.

Grace struggles with the teachings, but with the Wind as her guide she discovers how everything creates out of patterns. Could the key to flowing with the rhythms of nature, and not against them, be found in the essence of her name?

In Grace and the Wind, futurist Kristina Dryža delivers a modern allegorical novel on how the very nature of life itself is expressed and experienced as rhythmic patterns of energy.

About the Author:

Kristina Dryža is a futurist living in Adelaide, Australia. She has worked with global businesses including the Virgin Group, Microsoft, IKEA, The Body Shop and advertising company JWT, to interpret the emotions driving emerging consumer trends and to help companies discover 'the next big thing'. Grace and the Wind is her first work of fiction.

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