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Only Eagles Fly


Only Eagles Fly

by Graham Guy

ISBN: 9780994208422

eISBN: 9780994208439

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Genre: fiction/thriller/suspense

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Only Eagles Fly

From the author of Eleven Days comes a story of lust, love, greed and raw power.

The Players:
Franco, Luigi and Enrico Mogliotti, small-time crims ready for the big time. Gina, the fiery Sicilian business woman, drawn to the seedy underbelly of town.

Georgette McKinley, the young, gorgeous and highly-talented TV reporter. Driven with ambition, she learns quickly the cost of getting to the top – and the enormous cost of staying there. Bill Murphy, former journalist, now internationally famous author, craves anonymity – until he meets Georgette.

The Weasel, rejected loner, seething with blind hatred, is Public Enemy Number One, a vicious and clever-minded killer. Senior Sergeant Ken McLoughlin, the hero cop of Eleven Days, in the toughest and most gut-wrenching assignment of his career, must track down The Weasel and stop him before he kills again.

The Heist:
$20 million sitting unguarded in a safe in northern Italy, a temptation too seductive to ignore.

The lust for money, sex and power combine in a volatile and explosive climax, the reverberations of which are felt all the way to the highest office in the land – to the very Prime Minister himself.


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Graham Guy is an award-winning journalist with 33 years experience in the electronic media. From a rural background, he has travelled extensively and worked for several television and radio stations both in Australia and the United States.

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