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Samantha Honeycomb: A Pilgrim's Chronicle

by Scott Zarcinas



Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Genre: fiction/action & adventure/metaphysical

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Samantha Honeycomb: A Pilgrim's Chronicle


"Enchanting and full of joy" ~ Inner Self Magazine

Wrongly punished for breaking the ancient laws, Samantha Honeycomb is expelled by the queen into the wild and untamed Crazy Lands.

Her only hope of redemption is an impossible quest – to find the fabled hive of Beeblyon and bring back its secret of Infinite Richness. But there are others who would see her fail.

Evoking the wisdom and mystery of the ancient sages, Scott Zarcinas reveals through the trials and tribulations of Samantha Honeycomb that the surface appearance of unpleasant and torturous experiences are, in fact, essential ingredients in the melting pot of our future joy, security and acceptance, our destiny...

"I dare anyone to read Samantha Honeycomb and not have a smile on their face..." ~ Gavin Falck, South AFrica.

“Truly charming and entertaining…” ~ Ed Jaspers – Conville & Walsh Limited. UK

"Virtually read it in one sitting... I couldn't put it down." ~ Helen Ross, Australia

“I loved it. Super story. I really couldn't put it down... Samantha's character is beautiful... ” ~ Simone Mastrillo, Australia


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Scott Zarcinas was born in South Australia and studied as a paediatrician before embarking on his Life Purpose as a writer. He lives in Adelaide with his wife and daughters.

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