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A Secret London


A Secret London

by Kristine Valenzuela & Matt Green


eISBN: 9780992555399

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

Genre: children's

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A Secret London

From the creators of Monster Circus and A Secret Sydney.

Experience London’s famous landmarks and events through the eyes of fairies. Dance with the performers of Covent Garden. Fly around Piccadilly Circus. Join the Changing of the Guard. Walk on the Tower Bridge. Take a ride on the London Underground. Play tennis on Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

Every page uncovers a secret as each illustration and poetry beautifully paints the hidden world of fairies that lies within everyday London. See the UK’s largest city in a whole new perspective. 

Welcome to A Secret London.


Matt Green Shows You How To Draw The Sydney Opera House!


Matthew Green and Kristine Valenzuela are the creators of A Secret Sydney. Matt has created the sketches while Kristine has written the poetry. Matt works as a designer in an agency while Kristine is part of a sales team in an events company.

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