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Life in Balance


Life in Balance: The Lifeflow Guide to Meditation

by Graham Williams

ISBN: 9780980456219

eISBN: 9780994332905

Publisher: Lifeflow Publications

Genre: Non-fction/self-help/meditation

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Life in Balance: The Lifeflow Guide to Meditation

“Graham Williams' authoritative text leaps out with exquisite clarity and elegance – everything you ever wanted to know about the possibilities of meditation experience.” ~ Liana Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, Director, Mindfulness Centre


An easy-to-follow, practical guide to meditation and mindfulness that provides everything you need to know about meditation practice from the very beginning to the advanced stages.

Part One explains how to meditate to calm yourself quickly and easily, and apply it to every part of your life.  

Parts Two and Three outline how to develop your practice, the deepening stages, how to use meditation to make decisions, how different meditations suit different people, and the profound psychological insights it can provide.


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Graham Williams was born in Australia. A concert pianist and teacher, he graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Ph.D. and Grad. Dip. Ed. and taught there for 15 years. While studying in Paris he realised that music was one of the few living traditions of meditation in the West. This led him to over ten years’ training as a teacher in both the Burmese and Tibetan meditation traditions, and six years in intensive retreat. He has concentrated on bringing the advanced techniques of these incredibly rich traditions into an easily accessible form.

Graham has created a uniquely Australian form of meditation which embraces the rich natural environment and Australian art and music. He is founder and director of the Lifeflow Meditation Centre and has been teaching meditation for over 25 years. He has trained a team of seven teachers who now work together in the Centre, which has taught thousands of people how to meditate and trained hundreds in the more advanced practices.

Graham is also an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Medicine at Flinders University and a consultant to a national company of corporate psychologists and still teaches piano.

His retreats in the mallee country of South Australia, near the River Murray, have engendered a love of this timeless, peaceful land and he has become a passionate advocate for the conservation of this unique part of Australia’s heritage.

This book is the first in a series of four based on the curriculum of the Centre. 

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