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Desires Dreams and Thoughts in Between

by Mel Stewart  
ISBN: 9780987597533  
eISBN: 9780987597526  

The collection of poems Desires Dreams and Thoughts in Between has arisen from the many inspirations in life that prompt inner emotions and set the cogs of the mind turning.

Often we may analyse our own behavioural patterns. We share feelings amongst friends, formulate ideas and gain wisdom by increasing our knowledge through life's lessons.

The words within are responses to the flow of thoughts produced from such occasions.


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Mel Stewart finds her inspiration from life's colourful journey and is especially drawn to nature where she puts pen to paper to express her emotions about everyday occurrences. Living on the mid north coast of N.S.W. Australia provides an abundance of natural water resources for Mel to further her creativity in photography.

She enjoys sharing her own thoughts and feelings about love and laughter, and the ups and downs that confront us on a daily basis, maintaining a positive outlook and her choice to find happiness in the simplest of things.

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