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Rut Busters by Sheridan Stewart
Enjoy Being You

Rut Busters

by Sheridan Stewart  
e ISBN: 9780987467638  
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing  

When life becomes too small, we can lose confidence.

Too often, when seeking change, we become convinced that we need to do something drastic or grandiose (and usually expensive!) to be effective, when in reality there are many every day, affordable (even free) things we can do to break out of our ruts and reinvigorate our lives!

Rut Busters are the small, easy-to-do baby steps that can add up to a quantum leap! Try one or two (or all) of the following and soon enough you'll discover that taking these tiny steps can help you develop the confidence to do and be more than you ever dreamed was possible... plus, they're fun!


For 20 years Sheridan Stewart has been one of Australia’s most popular FM radio presenters. Recent┬áchanges in the radio industry saw Sheridan’s position made redundant.

The last few years have seen Sheridan go from “rock chick” to “renaissance woman” hosting and producing an award winning Fringe show, exhibiting as an artist and giving keynote speeches on the topic “Courage, Confidence & Charisma” as well as creating the highly successful “Success Secrets of Confident Women” workshop series.














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