John English - Author

John English

John English was a stockbroker in the United States before coming to Australia to take up an academic career in which he introduced several university programs in finance and entrepreneurship.

He is the author of best-selling books on investing, small business, and financial management in Australia and New Zealand.

Previous books include:

  • How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia, eleven editions, Allen & Unwin.
  • Co-author with Leith Oliver, The Small Business Book, A New Zealand Guide, six editions, Allen & Unwin.
  • Managing a Small Business in Australia, Allen & Unwin.
  • Discovering New Business Opportunities, Allen & Unwin
  • Co-author with Barry Hicks, Nikole Gyles, and Sue Hrasky, Personal Financial Management, two editions, Allen & Unwin.
  • Australian Stockmarket Investor, three editions, Allen & Unwin.
  • Going Solo in Your Own Small Business, Allen & Unwin.
  • Small Business Financial Management in Australia, Allen & Unwin.

Books by John English

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