Leonie McKeon

Leonie McKeon is an Australian China-educated strategist and author who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the rules that drive business success in the China market. Leonie has lived, worked and travelled in the Greater China Region for several years where she learnt Mandarin, and observed the mastery of Chinese negotiation tactics in business and daily life.

She realised that for Chinese people negotiation is a normal practice of everyday life, because the Greater China Region is full of markets where people are always doing a deal. They may be simply bargaining for the price of vegetables and other essential daily items or something as large as a business or property. Consequently Chinese people learn to negotiate from a very young age, and continue this practice in their daily activities. Most Chinese people know and unconsciously use the 36 Chinese Strategies which are derived from “The Art of War”, to negotiate and communicate.

Whilst living in the Greater China Region among the experts in negotiation she realised that the 36 Chinese Strategies were the keys to understanding Chinese behaviour and thinking. To share this realisation with the world she systematically unpicked each of the 36 Chinese Strategies to identify modern day examples of how these strategies are played out.

Leonie now travels to China regularly assisting companies conduct business by helping them manage their responses to negotiating tactics. She is a workshop presenter and a keynote speaker who teaches business people how the 36 Chinese Strategies are used in the contemporary business world.

Leonie enables people to feel confident and therefore able to enjoy being part of the game of negotiating whether in China or in any other business environment…

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