N.S Elija

N.S Elijah

From time to time, I fly into Earthly existence and share my knowledge, gifts and love.  For I have a great love for humanity and planet Earth, and I want nothing more than to see both flourish in the creator’s love.  Like my Brother Christ -Sananda, I am a Sword – here to defend what is holy and stand up for the greater good, no matter the reactions of those around me whose vision may not be as far-sweeping. 

When I venture forth to this planet to carry out a mission, largely I am not recognised – and so it has been also this lifetime, and yet – the work goes on, and to be given this opportunity to help as needed is such a great honour and joy.

Listen to the voice of love in your heart, it will not lead you astray.  It is difficult to love as the masters do, with a great love that asks for nothing in return and yet that is the destiny of all mankind – to burn with the divine fire of love and ascend as a master of compassion.  It is this sacred alignment that forms the fiery chariot to the Heavens”.

  • Elijah
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