N.S Elija

N.S Elijah

The third reincarnation (physical return) of the Prophet Elijah from the Old Testament. He is a spiritual healer, avesha avatara bodhisattva of compassion.

His mission is to heal the division between the great faiths of the Earth in order to provide a foundation from which to build an unselfish brotherhood and sisterhood in humanity.

This will be achieved by elimination of the perceived cultural and intellectual barriers that currently exist between the followers of these individual faiths which keeps them unnecessarily divided and at odds with each other.

With a clear connection to his higher chakras he has access to previous life memories and certain siddhis (gifts).

Preferring to remain anonymous at this time so that the message he has to deliver is listened to without any undue attention being placed upon himself which would detract from the potency and urgency of the message delivery.

Known as ‘Eliahu‘ – The Bird of Heaven that flies into existence when a sudden divine interference is necessary.

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