N.S Elija

N.S Elijah

NS Elijah, a spiritual healer and teacher, is believed to be the third reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah from the Old Testament.

He has taken on the role of an Avesha Avatara with a specific mission to heal the division between the world’s great faiths and establish a truly unselfish collective brotherhood/sisterhood among humanity.

He strongly believes that the revelation of the Lost Books of Thoth, a seemingly priceless collection of ancient teachings, is crucial to achieving this goal. These teachings reveal the shared governing dynamics at work within the core of the world’s predominant individual faiths that have largely been misunderstood for thousands of years.

By understanding and embracing this ancient wisdom, cultural and intellectual barriers between different faiths can be eliminated, allowing humanity to reach its highest and most sacred potential.

NS Elijah aims to deliver this important message without drawing undue attention to himself, as he believes the message itself is more significant than his personal identity. His mission is urgent and carries great importance for every human heart to embrace.

The establishment of a peaceful and unified world is not a utopian dream, but a realistic and necessary goal for the betterment of humanity.

NS Elijah is also known as ‘Eliahu‘, which translates to “The Bird of Heaven” and is believed to be a messenger that appears when divine intervention is required. His message is one that every human heart must embrace, as it carries great significance for the betterment of humanity.

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