3 ways to avoid the biggest author mistakes

3 Ways to Avoid the Biggest Author Mistakes | 2-Minute Tips for Writers

Have you ever felt frustrated at getting rejection after rejection from publishers for your book?

Have you ever wondered what tips the odds in favour of getting a publishing contract for your manuscript?

If you’ve been around my talks and presentations long enough, you’ll have heard me talk about the need to build your selling platform.

It goes without saying that authors and writers who have a following on social media and have built an engaged list of fans stand head and shoulders above those authors who haven’t bothered.

In a recent Forbes article, “The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Self-Publishing a Book,” Ashley Stahl recounts the time when she was struggling to get a publishing contract.

In her own words, “I was clear about one thing: it wasn’t just luck or my idea that helped me rise to the top of the pile: the fact is I have a large email list, a great deal of interaction on social media and marketing experience. My agent and publisher affirmed that these were key factors in my success.”

All aspiring authors would do well to follow her advice:

  1. Build an email database of interested readers
  2. Get active on social media
  3. Learn book marketing strategies

If marketing makes you squirm in your seat, just remember this: If nobody knows who you are or what you’ve written, how will they ever know to read your book?

As an author and writer, it’s your job to write, promote, and sell.

Plus, there’s always help at hand if you need help on how to create a killer publisher proposal, or even book marketing advice.


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‘Remember, success like writing is a habit’

Dr. Scott Zarcinas
Director, DoctorZed Publishing

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