After the Plane Landed

In May 1969 seven assisted migrants stepped out of the plane that had touched down in a strange place called Hobart. Jenny Williams, the author of Yenni, was one of those adults.

From this time on little of what Jenny and her family knew was of any use to them. Like newborns they had to learn to exist in a different world. From factory to restaurant work, to new relationships, After the Plane Landed takes the reader into the rich heart of a hard-working family searching for their niche in life.

Full of the drama and humour of a life fully lived—love, disappointment, separation and triumph—this is an evocative and compelling read. Much like the author herself, it is inspiring, honest and real. Hobart shimmers and enchants, Europe is never far away, while Jenny welcomes us all, like the best of friends, into her world.

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