Baby Morris Twinkle Twinkle

Baby Morris is for little people! He encourages them to play!

Play is the essence of baby and toddlerhood and helps the brain to grow!

Little children love to do what Baby Morris does as they enjoy the rhyme that goes with each beautifully crafted book.

There are four titles in the series:

  1. Book One – The Indoor Play Book – Icky Sticky – so many bubbles to pop, pop, pop!
  2. Book Two – The Outdoor Play Book – Plop! – down, down, down until his bottom goes plop!
  3. Book Three – The Art Book – Twinkle Twinkle – many stars twinkle twinkle everywhere!
  4. Book Four – The Music and Movement Book – Roar – roar roar, roar like a big dinosaur!

Written by Ruth Barker, an advocate for early childhood development!

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