Breathe Play Laugh Health and Happiness with Humour

USA No 1 Amazon July 1st 2021

Happiness with Humour

“It’s like David is sitting alongside me, telling me a story. Full of really practical ideas with evidence behind it all and I have been doing some ‘dawn breathing’ and a daily dose of SALT ever since!” ~ Annie Harvey, TedX Speaker and Laughter Yoga teacher.

Be the star of your own story. Breathe right, play right and laugh right to make every facet of your life fulfilling and fun.

Achieving integrity means integrating all you are into a whole person.

Breathe Play Laugh will help you lift your Laughter Level, fuel your Fun Factor, and boost your Play Power so you can:

• optimise your relationships and deepen your connections

• communicate effectively and speak with clarity

• reduce stress and blood pressure and increase your wellbeing

Let David Cronin help you generate greater play, fun and laughter using a range of techniques including Applied Improvisation, Story-Telling and Laughter Yoga.

You really can gain health and happiness with humour.

“David Cronin is an ex-Clown Doctor who has written a seriously thought-provoking prescription for another of our 21st-century pandemics, laughter deprivation.” ~ Ann Baker, Cambridge University Press author, Trained Laughter Leader.

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