Kylie & Skip

Meet Kylie, an 11-year-old girl living in Cairns, North Queensland. She’s got a new puppy called Skip and a best friend named Margaret.

Life is good, but there’s trouble brewing in paradise. The new neighbours have moved in next door, bringing with them a savage dog named Brute. And when dogs start disappearing from the neighbourhood, Kylie and Margaret begin to suspect that something sinister is going on.

As the mystery deepens, Kylie and Margaret must summon all their courage to confront the evil lurking in their once-peaceful community.

They’re up against ruthless predators of both the two- and four-legged variety, and their survival will depend on their wits, strength, and determination. Join them on a heart-pumping adventure as they face danger at every turn, leading up to a desperate struggle for life and death.

Will Kylie and her friends make it out alive, or will evil triumph? Find out in this gripping tale of friendship, courage, and the fight for survival.

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