Kylie & The Kelly Gang

A heart-pounding adventure that will test the limits of friendship, courage, and the pursuit of romance.

Kylie is a spirited 13-year-old whose world is about to be turned upside down during a six-day trail ride in the rugged ranges of North Queensland.

Kylie’s interests have always revolved around her friends, pets, dancing, and the thrill of horse riding. But as the winds of change sweep through her life, she finds herself grappling with a new fascination—boys.

Yet, the path of true love is anything but smooth, and challenges and rivals abound. As the trail ride commences, an unexpected incident shatters the tranquility, putting Kylie and her friends in grave danger.

Kylie is pushed to summon every ounce of courage, cunning, and determination she possesses.

Join Kylie, Margaret, and their companions on a breathtaking ride that goes beyond the rugged terrain. Discover the enthralling history and captivating beauty of the wild land they traverse, as they navigate not only the challenges of the journey but also the intricate complexities of their relationships.

Kylie & The Kelly Gang is an action-packed young adult adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as Kylie faces unexpected trials and learns that the most significant tests are the ones that define who she truly is.

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