Mindhunt A Dr. Jack Giorgio Thriller


Dr. Jack Giorgio, brilliant young forensic psychiatrist, lands his dream job in London at the Tindal Centre under esteemed Professor Nathan Mortimer. But he quickly discovers that the new secure ward, and the Professor, are not all that they seem.

The sudden death of a billionaire’s mentally ill daughter is followed by the admission of a mysterious new patient to the facility charged with a shocking crime.

A man with no name.

No home.

No language.

No thoughts.

Only Jack Giorgio dares to delve into the disturbed mind of the enigmatic Patient X and what stares back is a truth more shocking than he ever imagined.

The mindhunt begins…

But who is the hunter?

And who is the prey?

From the mind of Dr. Michael Schirripa, forensic psychiatrist, comes his debut thriller that spans the globe and the dark, inner recesses of a human nightmare.


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