Proving Biblical Nazareth Evidence for the Key Sites of Jesus

“This book provides challenging material that requires a re-think on the understanding of traditional Nazareth. The historical analysis has good correlation to biblical time frames.” ~ Dr. Murray Adamthwaite, Historian, Theologian, Linguist.


  • The centre of modern Nazareth has no archaeological evidence of a city in the time of Jesus. However, verifiable remains of a large Jewish city in his time frame have been discovered in Nazareth’s outer suburbs.
  • Intriguing information supporting the traditional Catholic Church of the Annunciation. The site of the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.
  • Documentation that refutes the claims by atheist scholars that Nazareth was an invented city and the title “Jesus of Nazareth” had no substance.
  • A proposed plan and locality of the Nazareth synagogue where Jesus made his dramatic declaration of the Gospel of Liberty.
  • Demonstrates that biblical geography in the Galilee is compatible with Jewish historian Josephus’ site descriptions with amazing implications.



  • A description of the first Church in Nazareth founded by Jesus’ relatives.
  • A proposal for Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine.
  • The locality on Mount Tabor where a radiant Jesus met Moses and Elijah.
  • Joshua’s Mt. Ebal altar site and its prophetic connection to Nazareth.
  • Detailed maps illustrating God’s divine planning.


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