Releasing the Beast Within A Path to Mental Toughness

Guess you’re wondering what is meant by ‘releasing the beast within.’

The ‘beast’ is that abundance of untapped potential hiding beneath the surface. It’s that special someone that lives within all of us, a person we only usually meet in times of extreme emotion. A person who is capable of amazing things, far greater than they or anyone else could imagine.

Yes, we are talking about YOU!

This book is uniquely designed to enable you to access your ‘beast’ within, and show you the path to mental toughness, which will help you to:

  • exceed all your expectations
  • achieve your life’s goals/dreams
  • find perfect balance in work and play
  • develop greater resilience to life’s challenges
  • create the ‘right attitude’ for your success

And most importantly, have some fun along the way.

*With a foreword by Ben Rutten, AFL coach and All Australian (2005)

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