Sacred Alignment A Message For Humanity

“This insightful book opens your mind and understanding to the deep connections between spirituality and all else.”
Brian Tracy – Author (80 books), Speaker & Coach

Introducing “The Sacred Alignment – A Message for Humanity,” a groundbreaking book that offers a new perspective on the world’s religions and their underlying spiritual principles. Inspired by the Lost Books of Thoth, which were spoken of by renowned author and philosopher Manly P. Hall over 90 years ago, this book offers profound insights into the hidden wisdom of the ancients and their relevance to our modern-day world.

As one of the most monumental discoveries in the history of spirituality, the Books of Thoth have remained a mystery to many seekers of truth. However, “The Sacred Alignment – A Message for Humanity” unveils the hidden teachings of the books, offering a fresh perspective on ancient wisdom and spirituality that is both transformative and practical.

One of the key teachings in the book is the importance of understanding and protecting oneself from negative energies and entities that can impact our consciousness and wellbeing. Through the ancient teachings of Agni Yoga, readers can learn practical methods to shield themselves from these influences, ultimately leading to a greater sense of inner peace and mental clarity.

But “The Sacred Alignment – A Message for Humanity” offers more than just personal protection. It also aims to promote a deeper understanding and unification of the world’s religions. By exploring the shared governing dynamics that have been largely misunderstood throughout the centuries, readers can gain a more comprehensive view of spirituality and how it can be used to create a more unified and peaceful world.

In a time where youth and young adult suicide rates are skyrocketing, it’s more important than ever to have a greater understanding of the spiritual principles that govern our lives. “The Sacred Alignment – A Message for Humanity” offers a powerful and timely message for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual understanding and connect with a higher purpose. Get your copy today and join the movement towards a brighter future for all.

“Seek and you will find.” 

ISBN:  9780645065688 (sc), ISBN:  9780645065671 (ebk)
Pages: 388
1st ed. 2021

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