Savage Skies

Sadistic Hamish McMurtrie ‘Hacka’ Blanchard hatches a brutal but brilliant plan, the cold-hearted brutality of which shocks even the hardest-nosed policemen. With the aid of three former cellmates, he contrives to kidnap two federal politicians and demand a $5 million ransom from the government. Nothing could go wrong.

But Senior Sergeant Ken McLoughlin and his partner Tony Delarosa have other plans. In a dangerous race against time, they sweep through the sun-drenched Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberleys, the slums of Poland, and the cattle stations of the outback in an almost impossible task to stop Blanchard’s trail of unimaginable violence.

Graham Guy, author of Eleven Days and Only Eagles Fly, brings you another riveting, fast-paced thriller.

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